Innovations for Autumn from our workshop

Walking Boots, low shoes and sport shoes: All custom-made

Let's go hiking!

This tasteful hiking shoe was hand-made for our customer constructed. Due to the profiled sole, the wearer has a firm grip on every walk or on every steep hiking trail. The mesh material on the upper edge gives the hiking boots a smart design which is underlined by the high-quality leather.


Put on your hiking boots and let's go! Because you have only really been where you have been by foot!

Perfectly staged!

This hand-made women's shoe doesn't just look good on our customers' feet. The grey velour leather is perfectly highlighted by the pink color accents and the adapted sole reflects the design of the shoe in exactly the same color.


Hand-made to your individual wishes! You can only get a design like this from SCHÄFER!

This fashionable sport shoe is on our podium!

The breathable textile lining inside the shoe is an ideal companion for sporty and sweaty activities. Due to a water-repellent membrane, the shoe keeps water out if it should rain during training. And due to the non-slip sports floor, the wearer has a firm grip even on wet and slippery surfaces.


Do not be restricted by unsuitable footwear! Enjoy your painless freedom with hand-made shoes from SCHÄFER!