• Orthopedic custom-made shoes

    Für alle, die mehr benötigen, fertigen wir individuelle Maßschuhe. Außen nach Wunsch elegant oder sportlich, für die Freizeit und für den Einsatz im Beruf. 


  • Electronic measuring

    The electronic toe bearing measuring enables a precise distribution of pressure measuring of the on the feet. 

  • Individual insoles

    Our orthopedic insoles are products of latest technology.

  • Diabetes supply

    …Diabetes supply with diabetic adapted bedding of the foot and incoming counseling.

  • Compression hosiery

    Our compression stockings noticeably improve blood circulation and relieve your venous discomfort.

  • Orthopedic shoe finishing

    With orthopedic shoe finishing can be lightly clinical pictures successfully be medicated. 

  • Bandages and orthoses

    We offer every decree able bandages and orthoses from foot to knee for you.

  • Orthopedic insoles for safety shoes

    Our orthopedic insoles for safety shoes and orthopedic custom-made safety shoes are produced referred to DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191).

  • Sport supply

    The orthopedic sports shoe is a custom-made product and solely concerted to your feet and your sport.

  • Comfortable shoes and insoles shoes

    …shoes for feeling comfortable!

Your feet are worth the effort!

Since more than one hundred years “Schäfer” stands for skilled, manually made, and excellent shoes and shoe technology. At our home page, we encourage you to learn about us and what kind of service we provide.

Our company offer includes beside the classical skilled orthopedic custom-made shoe also special insoles and shoe finish at the manufactured shoe.

The bright and friendly retail store at the town center of Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt is equipped with a modern orthopedic system of measurement. If you have questions to any particular products – we are pleased to advise you!

Our video provides you a short insight.

Our Services

Orthopedic custom-made shoes

For those who need more, we manufacture custom made shoes. Outside as desired elegant or sporty, for leisure and for use in the profession. 

Individual insoles

Our orthopedic insoles are products of latest technology. We employ for the precise survey scan-impressions and the electronic measurement of pressure distribution.

Electronic measurement of the toe bearing

The electronic toe bearing measuring enablesa precise distribution of pressure measuring of the on the feet burdensome power in the shoe on the highest technical level. 

Diabetes supply

We advise to a timely orthopedic shoe technic provision of the diabetic foot. 


We are a traditional family business in orthopedic shoe technology based in Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt and are constantly looking for qualified specialists and interested candidates for the orthopedic shoe sector. Whether you are looking for a new job or a future-oriented training place, here you are right! Since you need a good knowledge in german langauage, Job-Offers are only available in german language.


Job descriptions



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