• Electronic measurement

    The electronic toe bearing measuring enables a precise distribution of pressure measuring of the on the feet. 

Electronic measurement of the toe bearing

The electronic toe bearing measuring enablesa precise distribution of pressure measuring of the on the feet burdensome power in the shoe on the highest technical level. 

With our newest inside measuring sole which is connected with the program above WLAN and which could be put inside your shoe we are able to establish topped and a more accurate diagnosis and to undertake quality assurance of orthopedic supply during you walk completely wireless a few steps through our retail store! 

With the till 240 SSR- sensors in one sole is it possible for us to capture accurate daily course of movements of you in live pictures directly on the computer monitor and to save them. We are able to measure maximum- and average distribution of pressure of your foot and to match this with measurements without and with orthopedic supply. Therefore we can prove the obtainable improvement of your toe bearing. 

This CE- certified medicine product is a real engineering marvel of toe bearing measurement and helps us to further optimize your orthopedic supply by us and particularly guarantee by diabetics a professional supply of insoles and shoes