• Sensorimotor insoles

    (also called “active insoles”) are inserting in particular cases if conventional insoles can´t provide the requested improvement.

Sensorimotor insoles

They lend themselves excellent 

  1. For children and adolescents for the promotion of a better motor development.
  2. For adults for reduction of disorders as well as for the quittance of the foot.
  3. And for athletes for the improved stability of ankle joints.

The destination of the sensorimotor insoles is to elicit reactions of the body by selective attractions to improve painful structures and to antagonize the cause of the disorders contemporaneous. The insoles are sending sensorimotor attractions to the central nervous system whereon the body reacts with tautness or relaxation.

Consequently, the position of the joints and the structural analysis can be corrected efficiently and in the long run. Thereby distinguish the normal passive supporting insoles from the sensorimotor insoles which can stimulate selective particular foot areas. Like that they generate a higher activity of the muscles. Therefore, the foot is relieved in a better way and the walk is made easier.

Sensorimotor insoles are appropriate for almost all shoes and will be fashioned individually for every customer.

We look forward to taking time for an accurate analysis and competent counseling!

We are happy to take the time for a precise analysis and competent advice.

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