Further education about sensorimotor insoles

The foundation course of sensorimotor systems took place in the arcona MO.HOTEL Stuttgart – Vaihingen at the 13th  of April.

Among other things the topic was:

  • Anatomy and physiology – foundation knowledge of the muscle and the impact of improper foot position at the muscle- and plain coil chains
  • Functionality of the sensorimotor system, neurophysiology
  • Composition of sensorimotor insoles for children, athletes, and pain patients
  • Guideline for the anamnesis and the control of success
  • Frequently indications
  • Case examples
  • Handling with doctors and sponsors as well as possibilities of the acquisition of customers

Sensorimotor insoles take an important position in the part of orthopedic insoles. The target of sensorimotor insoles (also referred to as “active insoles”) is to strengthen and to stabilize the muscles of the foot. Sensorimotor insoles lend themself especially for children, pain patients (knee, haunch, Achilles tendon or the back), and athletes.

We would be happy to advise you if your feet are suitable for sensorimotor insoles. You can find more information among www.proprio.info.