Fashionable meets (Handicraft-) Art

Here is another example of lifting the orthopaedic shoe finishing to a higher level

Here you can see a shoe from our customer, she bought in a regular store. Her right leg is 1,8 cm shorter than the left leg. To ease the walking we cut off the original bottom of the shoe and compensate the height with a material that is similar to the sole. Then we glue the bottom back on the shoe.

This procedure is called “orthopaedic shoe finishing”. Our goal is to help the skeleton and body to get back in balance.

Our second goal is to make the orthopaedic shoe finishing not visible. That´s why we painted the hearts back on the shoe. On the other picture you can see the inside of the right shoe, where are no hearts.

The leg length discrepancy is diagnosed by a doctor. He can write a prescription for an orthopaedic shoe finshing.

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