Innovations from our factory

New weaving technique for your appearance! -- Classy on the way at the hike path! -- Conspicuous inconspicuously!

-- Custom made unique copy

New weaving technique for your appearance!

The new innovative weaving technique “Weaveline” changes our custom-made shoes into real eye catcher!

Despite of the extraordinary archetype where you think to see material divides the shaft persists out of only one woven piece of textile and is consequently very soft and even hydrophobic. Furthermore the SG- certified feed material “Hypertex” inside the shoe is breathable and from there especially good suited for every kind of foot.

This model is contrivable with three different kinds of breeches and could therefore ideally adapt to every carrier and his necessity.

Orthopedic gets more and more innovative!

Classy on the way at the hike path!

Our newest orthopedic hiking boots are not only great because of their color- coordinated appearance perfectly appropriated for hiking and all-weather but also because of the integrated water- repellent Gorotex- Membran.

The orthopedic options are almost invisible incorporated in the shoe for which reason it is not really distinguish from normal shoes and could so consequently keep up in the matter of style. The affixed corrugated sole let adhere the shoe underfoot certainly and guaranteed a firm and athletic experience.

A shoe with which you can rival every hiking trail!

Conspicuous inconspicuously!

With this orthopedic sports shoe for men withweak foot dorsiflexion and paralysis no longer a handicap!

The integrated foot lifting orthosis prohibits a dropping of the foot inconspicuously whereby a problem-free walking with paralysis represents no challenge anymore. Also the contemporary classiness of the shoe can rival with normal casual shoes easily!

Do not let on about your handicap – with SCHÄFER orthopedic shoe technology!

Custom made unique copy

This business shoe for men is custom made particularly for one of our customer at our factory and is a real manual masterwork!

The rubber profile which is recessed at the leather sole and the frame seam which is needled by troublesome handcraft came into one´s own.With this said this custommade shoe is very convinceing not only because of its easygoing wearing comfort but also with its way noticeable classiness!

Each of our custom made shoes is a unique copy – just as his carrier!