Innovations from our factory

Fashionable orthopedic women's and men's shoes!

Elegant men's shoes

Long ago orthopedic shoes were no more unaesthetic and bulky! At SCHÄFER orthopedic shoe technology is for everyone with a great taste! This elegant men´s boot was manufactured according to a model especially for a customer in our factory. The several incorporated leather types (like Velours- and Box Calf Leather) surround it on both sides, incorporating ankle caps and layers of the orthopedic material needs which are necessary because of the arthritis which some customers have. That's why the men's boots generate the appearance of an elegant and custom- made trend shoe and also eliminates the pain of the customer´s ankle joint.

Custom- made trend! – With SCHÄFER orthopedic shoe technology.

Orthopedic women's shoes!

With this elegant bootie you can enjoy a long & healthy walk , free of pain but stylish enough for the cold seasons. This winter bootie accompanies you thanks to its corrugated sole beyond doubt through the daily routine. The velour leather displays a simple elegance which is enhanced thanks to the inside zipper of the shoe creating a coherent general view.

Enjoy the charming wintertime and convince yourself with orthopedic elegance! – With SCHÄFER orthopedic shoe technology.

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