Summer vacation is calling

Two models leave our workshop before the summer holidays.

Sneaker with “ocean boa” leather

This handmade sneaker is covered with an upper leather that is called “ocean boa” which has the optic of a snake skin. The strong heel cap and the wide footprint area helps for a safety stand and walking.

To support the process of walking we worked a roll-off aid in which is located between the sole and the custom-made insole. The roll-off aid is from the outside invisible, but very important for our customer to walk in a regular and smooth way.  

Slipper with a sporty note

Through the blue marks with the white formwork this handmade slippers gets a sporty note. The white upper leather matches the blue “sunflower” profile sole perfectly.

One of the most important things of the shoes is the so called “diabetes-adapted” foot bed. This is a special kind of insole for our customer who has diabetes. That means the insole is at least 1cm high and helps to prevent bruises.

Another important function belongs to the velcro fastener. Our customer can open the shoes widely and it simplifies the put on and move out.